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Best Wedding Cars to Tie The Knot

wedding car rental

Wedding car rental: Let us be part of your momentous occasion. Heighten your wedding experience with your dream ride.

1 . BMW 740i

The luxurious and spacious interior of the BMW 740i will keep you and your bridal party in comfort especially when you are wearing the most extravagant wedding attire.

The classic and iconic look of the BMW 740i ensures that you arrive at your wedding venue with style and elegance.

The BMW 720i will strive to deliver the finest drive with its 3-litre turbocharged engine. Experience a smooth and comfortable drive on your special day.

BMW: Wedding car rental in Singapore

2 . Mercedes-Benz S500L

Make a grand entrance with the luxurious Mercedes-Benz S500L. With the iconic standing star on the hood, it will definitely leave a strong impression on your guests.

Setting this luxury sedan apart from the rest is the long wheelbase, a distinguished feature that will contribute to an exceptional ride experience. More room for you, more room for love.

Mercedes Benz: Wedding car rental in Singapore

3 . Land Rover Discovery Sport

For the SUV lovers, the Land Rover Discovery Sport is the perfect choice. The stylish and robust exterior will create a distinctive presence with an aura of sophistication.

Land Rover: Wedding car rental in Singapore

4. Toyota Alphard

Wearing the fanciest outfit on your special day? The Toyota Alphard got you covered in all aspects. The generous amount of legroom in the roomy interior of the Alphard will allow you to fully stretch out your legs and sit comfortably so you can arrive at your destination in the best state.

To continue the fun, you can even pack a crowd in the Alphard to your after-party.

Toyota Alphard

5. MINI John Cooper Works GP

Car enthusiasts and thrill seekers will surely love this one. Make your special day even more special with the limited-edition John Cooper Works GP, with only 3,000 units globally. Consider it for your wedding car rental.

Feel the adrenaline rush when you accelerate from 0-100km/h in just 5.2 seconds. You can also create stunning and unforgettable wedding photos with the unique and striking exterior look of the MINI GP.

Mini John Cooper

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