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Off-the-grid and hidden restaurants you must drive to in Singapore

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Singapore Car Rentals: Make the most out of your car rental by visiting these remote restaurants and cafes that are far away from public transport.

1 . The Three Peacocks @ Labrador Park

A seafood buffet located in the southern part of Singapore; it will take you 13 minutes to walk from the nearest MRT (Labrador Park station) to the restaurant. Driving is recommended especially in the evening as the road up can be quite dark.

Nearest parking lot: 8 Port Road, S(117540) – The Three Peacocks Carpark

Singapore Car Rentals


2 . Bollywood Veggies

Have you tried dining at a local farm? Bollywood Veggies is a countryside café in Singapore that uses organic and freshly harvested ingredients from their farm for their dishes.

Located in a secluded area called Neo Tiew, the nearest bus stop is 2 kilometers away which takes about 28 minutes to walk there. Unless you’re up for a short hike, driving there is the most convenient option.

The good news is the parking rate is free of charge!

Nearest parking lot: 100 Neo Tiew Road, S(719026) – Bollywood Farm Carpark

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3 . Ku-Kai Izakaya

Looking for a hangout place to chill by the seaside? This hidden gem located in Admiralty will definitely leave you in awe. If the weather favours, you might even catch the beautiful sunset while enjoying your meal!

You have to walk 13 minutes from the nearest bus stop, so a car is strongly recommended if you don’t want to break a sweat.

Nearest parking lot: 43 Admiralty Road West, S(759962) – 2mins walk away


4. Hangar66 Cafe

If you are bringing your kids out, pique their excitement by bringing them to this restaurant. Tucked away in Seletar is an aviation-themed restaurant called the Hangar66 Café where you can get up close with the auto-gyrocopter placed inside.

The nearest bus stop is 8 minutes walk away and we know it can be challenging when your kids are tagging along.

Nearest parking lot: 51 Seletar Aerospace View – 4 minutes walk, opposite WOA Aviation.


5. The Dempsey Project

There are no public transports up Dempsey Hill other than the shuttle bus that only operates till 8:30PM. If you want to stay later than that, driving is the only way to go. Do drop by The Dempsey Project, a hybrid of grocery store and restaurant that serves from breakfast to dinner. Besides settling yourself for a meal, you can do your usual grocery shopping there too!

If shuttle buses are unavailable, the nearest bus stop will be 8 minutes away. Do take note that it will be a treacherous uphill climb.

Nearest parking lot: Block 9 Dempsey Road, #01-12, S(247697)


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